Start Exploring your Data, Excel Files, Docs with qRIZZ in Minutes

No building dashboards, No canned reports, No Extensive Services: Just point to your data, excel files and docs and start getting insights right away. Explore your enterprise data like never before. Can't believe it? Try us!

Start Chatting with your Data in Minutes

Any Data, Any Documents, Any Excel Files

Natural Language interface to chat with your data

Ready for trial in minutes

Built for everyone including the CEO

Ask the questions the way you think

Function specific insights out of the box

No Endless Dashboard Charts

Business Data

Dig deeper into your business specific data yourself - qRIZZ is industry agnostic!

Marketing & Sales

Finance Insights

Point to all your xls files for insights into your Sales, Marketing data & more

Connect to your financial accounting tools and start delving in your favorite metrics

Graphical Charts On Demand

Visualize your data in charts at the click of a button. Save your favorite charts too! Why build those dashboards?

Plug & Play Setup

Connect qRIZZ to your databases and data platforms. Tell qRIZZ about your data in plain English. And qRIZZ is ready for the ride!

Connect Data Platform

On the fly connectivity to various databases and data platforms across your enterprise ecosystem

Upload Documents

Integrate ML APIs

Securely upload documents for wide variety of use cases through natural language chat interface

Integrate with the ML Model end points and provide chat based access to predictive insights

About Us

Rajneesh Mittal

Co-Founder & CEO

Rajneesh has been a trailblazing CTO with 25 years of experience in varied industries across technology lifecycles. He has championed various tech initiatives from ppt to execution with founders and senior corporate execs. With qRIZZ, Rajneesh is passionate about true data democratization that takes data insights to finally everyone in the organization and to every org. This also paves the data-way to empower SMBs globally to script a whole new growth story.

Rashid Malik

Co-Founder & CTO

Rashid Malik brings a wealth of expertise in deep learning technologies esp in the areas of advanced NLP, Computer Vision and LLM. Passionate about pioneering data-driven solutions, he has a solid track record of driving transformative data & AI projects across diverse domains. With qRIZZ, Rashid looks to elevating enterprises esp leveraging continuously evolving GenAI technologies.

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